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Calgary Personal Injury Claims: Notifying the Responsible Parties

If you have been hurt in an accident, it is essential to notify anybody that could be at fault. You are not required to know who was at fault, you only have to think about who may be at fault. Furthermore, at the start of the case, you do not have to give the parties involved or their insurance companies, any detailed information regarding the accident or your injuries. You are only required to let them know that an accident took place at a certain time on a certain date, that you are hurt, and that you are going to file a personal injury claim. The first thing that you need to do is determine who may be responsible for your accident. I believe that you should contact a great firm in Calgary if you want the best legal defence. The firm that I contacted was Personal Injury Lawyer Calgary Inc – About

Before you can contact the people at fault for your accident of your plan to file a claim, you have to decide who to contact about it. This often depends on what kind of accident that you were a part of. For example, after a car accident, you need to contact all drivers of the cars that were Calgary AB Personal Injury Lawpart of the accident, the people who own the cars, the employers of the drivers if the car was being used for work purposes, your own insurance company, and there may be others. Depending on the circumstances, every kind of accident-vehicle or slip and fall-requires you to contact many types of people. One way to notify responsible parties is by notification letters.

After you are sure who may be at fault for your accident, the next step is to write letters telling every one of them that they accident took place and that you are hurt. You may have to send out more than one letter-for example, one letter to the business where you fell and another to the person who the property belongs to. Write a letter of notification even if the other parties have tried to assure you that they will contact their insurance companies. The letters should be short and to the point, typed, giving only basic information and request a written reply. Who is at fault for the accident should not be mentioned and neither should how bad you are hurt, there will be time for that later. You should also not wait to give notice. An Injury Attorney is always there to teach you more!

It is very important that you do not hesitate to give the involved parties and filing your claim is not put off. It is not necessary that you give them notice within a certain number of days following the accident, it is the best option to start as easy as possible, hopefully within two weeks after the accident. The important things are to find out who is at fault in your case, notify them in a timely, and send them notification letters in writing so that you have written proof that you notified them, so they cannot say that you did not notify them. If you follow these guidelines about notifying the responsible parties, this will not hinder your case and delay you getting the legal compensation that you deserve.

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